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Quality, Environment, Health and Safety (QEHS) System

In accordance with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018. This system, with its policies, requirements, responsibilities, and authorities, is critical to the implementation and ongoing improvement of CWHI’s Quality and EHS Management.

This system describes the minimum requirements of CWHI when providing services such as engineering, resource integration and supply chain management, fabrication, logistics and financing for renewable energy and construction industries. These policies and requirements reflect values that CWHI hold for customer satisfaction and operational excellence, including our commitment to customer and regulatory compliance. 

Project Management System

CWHI Self-Developed Online Project Management Platform

CWHI has Self-Developed an Online Project Management Platform. Through the platform keeps our clients and partners updated with daily information of each project, including the latest status of production, quality control, delivery schedule, logistics, financial and risk control, etc. Main goals through the platform are achieving the best quality control, expediting production and delivery, timely updates and reports, building trust through transparency.

Our online platforms cater to projects of all sizes across industries. Users in various locations can access their project via the CWHI Self-Developed Online Project Management Platform from different devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones to get up-to-date project status and information from a central database, enabling:

  • Transparency

    All parties concerned can share information online and exchange ideas simultaneously. For each project, CWHI will only provide the access authority to the person in the communication matrix, then CWHI Project Member Team (PMT) and client could cooperate based on the platform.

    All information updated by CWHI Project Member Team (PMT) will be acquired by client in real time, and all comments leaved by client will notify to CWHI Project Member Team (PMT) to follow by system automatically. 

  • Make Project Efficient and Interactive

    We build a professional team at the beginning of the project, working along with the platform in order to control the flow of information and status of the on-going project, including engineering, procurement, manufacturing, logistics, quality control, reports submission, financial, etc. To better manage the production and delivery according to the issued project schedule through the system.

    For each project, will generate the specific workbench package to manage the life cycle events. With Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) established first, CWHI create the workflow based on the project requirement and keep optimize the structure according to in-process change.  

  • Traceability

    Puts traceability at the heart of the project systems controls, ensuring that all project management documents and procedures can be traced. All groups and activities in the workflow will be in charged by CWHI Project Member Team (PMT). Meanwhile, the platform also covered the PROGRESS and FILE part with easily display for the actual project progress and the traceable project file management. All input to the platform will be locked and irrevocable to ensure the strict traceability during the entire project period. Related party could login the system and only available to check all information with its status and leave comments any time to guarantee the full traceability of the project.

  • Convenience

    Clients can access to check the full progress and quality control points at any time and from anywhere. Related party could login the platform system at any time to check the real time update by computer or through mobile phone app, including the daily and weekly summary will be sent as reports through Workbench to client for more information. For previous reports, client could also have access to check in REPORT part while in the system.

International Project Management System such as Oracle Primavera

Alternatively, rather than using Company’s Online Project Management System, CWHI can also work with our customer’s preferred project management system, such as Oracle Primavera etc., in order to balance and improve project schedules, quality and cost efficiencies, resulting in a barrier-free project management system when communicating with customers.