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Facilities Overview

CWHI has seven yards with a total area of 3,294,000m², including Qinzhou, Wenchong, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Longxue, Changzhou and Wanqingsha.

Offerings cover offshore wind farm OWF jackets, floating wind, XXXL mono-piles, offshore wind installation vessels, jack-up vessels, large steel structures, etc. All the yards strictly comply with international standards, rules and regulations including: DNVGL, LR, ABS, BV, CCS, NK and other classification societies.


Qinzhou Yard

Qinzhou City, China.
Total area approx. 420,000m²
Vessel Berthing Capacity: 100,000-ton
Quayside Water Depth (Avg.): 13m
Load Bearing Capacity: 20T/m²
Waterfront Adjacent Length: 610m
Fabrication Workshops: 3 main for structural, blasting, coating
Storage Capacity: 68,000 m²
Production Lines: 8 for XXXL Mono-piles (up to and including 15m OD and maximum weight of 4,500 MT), offshore wind power steel structures and pressure vessel.
Monthly Manufacturing Capacity: 12 pieces XXXL Mono-piles.
Annual Manufacturing Capacity: 144 pieces XXXL Mono-piles.
Main Equipment: 260mm/240mm/180mm/120mm/90mm heavy rolling machine, 4,000t press machine, welding platform, 4,500t workable joint table roller, shore cranes, gantry cranes and SPMT for the roll-on and roll-off of products.
Workshops: Structure production, painting and anti-corrosion.

Zhongshan Yard

Linhai Industrial Area, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China.
Total area approx. 400,000m²
First factory in China manufactured mono-pile based on DNV Standard and exported to Southeast Asia.
As of 2022, Zhongshan Yard is the largest wind farm production yard in South China.
With a L835m*W594m footprint.
Quayside Water Depth: 5m
Waterfront Adjacent Length: 1,000m
Production Lines: 4 for XXXL Mono-piles.
Monthly Manufacturing Capacity: 8 pieces XXXL Mono-piles.
Annual Manufacturing Capacity: 96 pieces XXXL Mono-piles.
Main Equipment: 180mm/120mm/90mm heavy rolling machine, 4,000t press machine, 3,000t workable joint table roller, modular transporter, crawler cranes, bridge cranes, processing equipment etc.
Workshops: Structure production, painting, welding.

Dongguan Yard

Machong Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China.
Total area approx. 710,000m²
Quayside Water Depth: 5m
Waterfront Adjacent Length: 2,000m
With a L490m*W325m footprint.
100,000m² of assembly area for OWF Jackets.
Monthly Manufacturing Capacity: 2 sets of floating wind and 5 sets of OWF jackets.
Annual Manufacturing Capacity: 120,000MT for subsections and 60 sets of OWF jackets.
Main Equipment: Various types of cranes, 180mm/120mm/90mm heavy rolling machine, 450t large segmented flatbed transporter and large processing equipment.
Workshops: Structure production, painting, base welding material.

Wenchong Yard

Huangpu District, Guangdong Province, China
Located near Huangpu Port.
Total area approx. 700,000m²
Waterfront adjacent length of 1,580m
Monthly manufacturing capacity of 3,000 MT for Steel Structures.
Annual manufacturing capacity of 36,000 MT for Steel Structures.
Main equipment: Cranes, slipway, dry dock, large segmented flatbed transport vehicle, large processing equipment etc.
Workshops: Carbon steel, sand making, painting and pipe processing.

Longxue Yard

Longxue Island, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
Total area approx. 1,180,000m²
Quayside Water Depth: 12m
Waterfront Adjacent Length: 2,250m
Maximum Product Size: 70*255*85m
Maximum Loaded Out Weight: 27, 500T by slip way
Maximum Loaded Out Dimension: No limited, based on vessel size
Product Scope: Floating wind, OWF jackets, jack-up, steel structures, drilling platform, discharge installation ship, OWF installation vessel, topside
Monthly Manufacturing Capacity: 4 sets of floating wind, 12,500MT of steel structures and 5 sets of OWF jackets Annual Manufacturing Capacity: 150,000MT of steel structures and 60 sets of OWF jackets
Main Equipment: Slip way (max. loadout capacity 27,500t) , 900MT gantry cranes, heavy rolling machine, 350t large segmented flatbed transporter, intelligent equipment for welding and segmented assembly Workshops: Steel structural, automatic welding line, panel and block unit, sand blasting and painting, outfitting assembly yard, piping, electric installation, inhouse and outside erection and assembly area