Planning and Procurement, Delivered the World Over

CWHI manages logistics proposals through its professional shipping team according to customers and project demands.

The Company subdivides its logistics services, including the stowage arrangement, indicative route plan and transit duration, destination port, loading and discharging procedures, dunnage analysis, sea fastening assessment and analysis, etc., in order to strictly control each risk point during the maritime transportation.

  • Stowage Arrangement

    Based on cargo size, weight, available stowage location, and crane capacity.

  • Discharging Procedures

    Dedicated engineering team members available to determine customer needs such as load out equipment including the rigging details, fourth generation of SPMT moves, site layout drawings and facilities.

  • Indicative Route Plan and Transit Duration

    Provides a method statement with an indicative route plan from the delivery port to destination port which is most feasible and suitable for the customer.

  • Dunnage Analysis

    CWHI fully considers the characteristics of the cargo itself and the standard requirements of the project and, following professional analysis, proposes an optimal tanking plan.

Sea Fasting Assessment and Analysis

Based on shipping lashing calculations, CWHI provides detailed lashing solutions with the goal of addressing customer needs in detail.