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Resource Integration and Supply Chain Management

Strength Where It Matters

Based on the global resource we possess CWHI can provide:

  • Pre-Awarded Service

    Resource Searching
    Global Supplier Qualification
    One-Stop Solution Provision for Each Project
  • Post-Awarded Service

    Supply Chain Services
    Procurement Services
    Global Supply
    Expert Service
    Innovative Solutions for driving down the cost
    Accelerated Scheduling while meeting quality expectations

The Company’s innovative strategic sourcing team, positioned within the procurement organisation, provides sourcing solutions for goods and services in support of projects globally. The strategic sourcing process includes rigorous global research, standardisation, aggregation, selection, negotiation, and relationship management. With direct involvement in all major projects throughout the world, strategic sourcing closely monitors market trends, manages a diverse supply base, and canvasses the globe for opportunities in emerging markets to drive continuous improvement and savings throughout the supply chain.


The ability to influence the project cost is greatest at the beginning, and early integration of strategically selected suppliers within the project team can greatly enhance the probability of success.Central to supplier integration, CWHI’s strategic sourcing program is available to offer many benefits to customers, ultimately driving savings to the bottom line through several key components.

  • World-Class Quality

    Whether for developed or emerging markets, provides stringent, world-class quality management systems and ensures all requirements are met.

  • Schedule Benefits

    When applied to project critical materials, reduces process cycle time, and allows for early collaborative involvement among the designer, supplier, and the operator.

  • Reduced Procurement Process Costs

    Sizeable savings can be achieved by eliminating low value bidding activity through leveraging strategic supply agreements.

  • Price Savings

    Utilising strategic alliances can lower life cycle costs for customers through product standardisation.

Integration, Collaboration, and Innovation

Early collaboration can optimise the product development and design process through integration of all engineering teams, allows for more standardisation and fewer changes as the project cycle progresses.