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Project Management

A Professional Team Providing the Highest Level of Project Management to Ensure the Successful Delivery of Each Phase


  • Project Execution Management

    CWHI is accountable for ensuring that all necessary procedures, processes, documentation, and plans are prepared to manage the project in a successful and efficient manner in accordance with best industry practices.

  • Risk and Opportunity Management

    We co-operate with partners and third parties in seeking to identify and actively manage all risks involved in our scope, reduce the effect of potential threats and to exploit opportunities for the project associated with Health and Safety, Quality, Cost, Programme, Environmental, Performance and Communication.

  • Document Control Management

    CWHI document management is based on our mature traceability system to ensure the traceability and performability of documents.

  • Project Reporting and Meetings

    Monthly, weekly, and daily progress reports are provided as appropriate for each phase of the project.

  • Quality Management

    Quality is the foundation for the successful delivery of any project. CWHI establishes our own Quality Assurance (QA)/Quality Control (QC) team for each project, and invites Third Party Inspection companies to perform QA/QC work as an additional level of control.

  • Programme Management

    The CWHI programme is used to plan and deliver services and is the basis for progress reporting, scheduling, forecasting and controlling performance of services, including design, procurement, manufacturing and assembly of all major components.

Communications and Information Management

Our communications and information management system operates with the objective of ensuring effective communication and management of information among all project stakeholders, including communication within the company organisation, with external stakeholders and communication between the Project Team and vendors.