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Privacy Policy

This is the privacy statement for the websites of CSSC CWHI, registered at Shanghai, China.

By visiting our website www.cssc-cwhi.com, certain personal data may be collected and processed. As we value the protection of your privacy and personal information, we ensure that we fully comply with the applicable laws and legislation regarding privacy and the protection of personal data within our business. This privacy statement provides information about the personal data that CSSC CWHI collects and the way in which CSSC CWHI processes your personal data.

1. Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

CSSC CWHI is responsible for processing your personal data.

2. What personal data is collected and for what reasons do we process your personal data?

a.To answer your questions and exchange information.

We process your personal data if you send us queries via e-mail or call us or if you fill in our contact form.

For this purpose, we may process personal data such as your name, gender, address, e-mail address and telephone number. This personal data is processed based on your consent or based on the justified interest of CSSC CWHI to inform you about projects and/or services and events.

b. For the technical and functional management of the website.
We process certain personal details for the technical and functional management of our website to ensure that the website provides you with an optimum user experience.

For this purpose, we may process personal details such as your IP address, the pages you visit, the internet browser you use, the device type, geographical data (such as your location), information about your activities on our website, your preferred language and the time and duration of your visit. We do this by using cookies. See the cookie statement for more details.

This personal data is processed based on your consent or based on the justified interest of CSSC CWHI to improve its website and protect it against cyberattacks or other wrongful acts.

3. Who has access to your data?

We will not share your personal data with third parties unless this is necessary to the service (for example, website hosting) or if the law or a legal stipulation obliges us to do so. In the event of use by third parties, CSSC CWHI shall ensure, in accordance with the law and legislation, that applicable processor agreements are in place which guarantee that the safety of your personal data is ensured by the processor.

4. How is your personal data protected?

To protect your personal data against (accidental) destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access granted, CSSC CWHI uses technical and organisational security measures. CSSC CWHI shall do everything in its power to protect personal data.

5. How long is your personal data stored for the aforementioned purposes?

Personal data shall be destroyed the moment that the retention of personal data is no longer required for the purpose it was collected. For purposes in regard to the technical and functional management of the website, the data shall be retained for no longer than 24 months after the visit to the website, unless specific conditions warrant a longer retention period.

6. Links to other websites or social media

Our website may contain references or links (such as hyperlinks) to other third-party websites. It is also possible that you will be directed to CSSC CWHI on social media. CSSC CWHI is not responsible for the processing of personal data that is conducted by these websites or social media. Neither the CSSC CWHI privacy policy nor the cookie statement apply in this case.

7. Amendments to the Privacy Statement

This privacy statement may be changed the moment other processes than described here occur as a result of adding a new feature to the website. Any future amendments to the manner in which we have organised the protection of personal data will be published via this privacy statement on our website.

To ensure you are aware of the changes, we request that you regularly check the privacy statement.

This version of the privacy statement has been in force since: 31 Aug., 2022.