CWHI Demonstrates Capabilities on First Floating Wind Project "FUYAO"

August 12, 2023

CNOOD-Wenchong Heavy Industries (CWHI) specialises in the large scale manufacturing of fixed and floating wind foundations produced via its seven strategically located fabrication yards spanning a total area of 3,294,000 sqm. We are well positioned to meet the growing global demand for floating wind foundations from our Dongguan and Longxue manufacturing facilities with a current monthly assembly of 6 sets and an annual fabrication capacity of 400,000MT for subsections with plans to further increase capacity. 

Fuyao” floating wind power platform

Floating wind foundations have similar characteristics to fixed foundations: large volume, heavy weight, complex structures with high manufacturing difficulty. During construction of the “FUYAO” floating platform, we harnessed our substantial shipbuilding heritage and experience gained in the manufacturing of wind power products combined with advanced manufacturing technologies.

Installed at an average water depth of 60 meters, “FUYAO” was China’s first deep water floating wind power project and is equipped with a CSSC 6.2MW Anti-Typhoon Type I Wind Turbine. The units tower height reaches 78 meters, the central height of the hub is 96 meters and, with a 152 meter diameter of the wind whistle, was the largest floating wind turbine in China. The floating unit has a total length of 71.96 meters, 33 meter depth, 80 meter width and weighs 3,351 tons.

Integration of the Tower

Aerial view of FUYAO”

FUYAO” departs Dongguan Yard prior to installation

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