GWSHI signs XXL monopile capacity reservation agreement with Inch Cape

January 16, 2024

Guangzhou Wenchong Shipyard Heavy Industry (GWSHI) has signed a capacity reservation agreement with Inch Cape Offshore Limited (ICOL) for a quantity of XXL monopile foundations for the 1.1 gigawatt Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm.

The agreement secures the supply, fabrication and delivery of monopile foundations for the wind farm which is currently progressing towards full construction. The project will comprise up to 72 wind turbines sited in the North Sea 15 kilometres from the east coast of Angus in Scotland.

XXL monopiles are designed for the latest generation of offshore wind turbines. The Inch Cape monopiles will each have a maximum outer diameter of 11.5 metres (m), a maximum length of 110m and a weight of up to 2,700 tonnes. 

Fabrication of the monopiles is due to commence in late 2024 with delivery to the project scheduled for late 2025.

ICOL, owner of Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm, is an equal joint venture between Edinburgh-based renewable and sustainable energy company, Red Rock Power Limited and Ireland’s leading energy company, ESB.