Successful Loading of Mono-pile Sets for 78MW Hiep Thanh Offshore Wind Power Steel Structure Project

July 9, 2021

On July 9, 2021, the Mono-pile sets for the companies first overseas wind power steel structure project undertaken with Huadong in South China, the 78MW Hiep Thanh Offshore Wind Power Plant Project in Vietnam, were successfully loaded at Zhongshan Yard, upon completion of which a ceremony was held to commemorate the occasion.

Huadong Engineering Corporation Limited (Huadong) and CSSC-CWHI signed a contract in November 2020 for the delivery of 30 sets of Mono-piles under DNVGL-OS-C401 standard for the Hiep Thanh Offshore Wind Project in Vietnam. One of the main cooperation projects between Huadong, delivery of the Mono-pile sets marks a significant milestone for both company’s overseas project development with more than 90% of the main components completed in China and loaded to Vietnam for final use, further enhancing China’s international competitiveness as a steel structure manufacturer of offshore wind power equipment.

Loading Ceremony at Zhongshan Yard for the Hiep Thanh Offshore Wind Power Project

The start of the project encountered unprecedented challenges with the absence of workers and the sudden halting of fabrication with the Spring Festival Holiday and repeated COVID-19 epidemics in Guangzhou and Dongguan. In order to fulfil the projects requirements, the company flexibly allocated multiple production resources, working overtime and integrating resources to meet the production window and on-time delivery of 30 sets of Mono-piles.

Our Company, as the largest manufacturer of offshore wind power products in South China, and our Zhongshan Yard, as the largest wind farm production yard, will continue to expand its cooperation with Huadong to consolidate both parties. We will proceed with the standardisation of the production process, improving the product quality and provide clients with superior quality products and highly efficient services to effectively promote the wind power brand of local enterprises in South China while making greater contributions to the offshore wind power industry.