The Materials for a Better Tomorrow

CWHI offers a wide range of bespoke products tailored to customer demand, including but not limited to:

Floating Wind

CWHI specialises in efficient and high-quality manufacturing and inspection of floating wind platforms to promote the development of and transition towards renewable energy worldwide.

XXL Mono-piles, 
Pin Piles and 
Transition Pieces

CWHI’s professional team specialises in solving the construction difficulties associated with the production of XXL mono-piles, pin piles and transition pieces with excessively large diameters, lengths, and thicknesses for global offshore wind power projects.

OWF Jackets

We are committed to helping customers across the planet tackle the construction complexities and difficulties involving the production of large jackets. CWHI specialises in providing primary steel for jacket tubular's, including legs, bracings, cones and nodes fabrication. 

These products can be produced as individual components or a welded component.

Steel Structures

CWHI is committed to the procurement and fabrication of steel structures and corrosion systems required for terminals and berths the world over.


We provide solutions internationally for steel box girders, pipes, corrosion protection systems and more.

Pressure Vessels

We are experts in the procurement and production of pressure vessels including tanks, tower vessels, heat exchangers and evaporators on a global basis.