Safety and Well-being

At CWHI we are serious about safety and insist on paying the highest level of attention to the health, safety, and well-being of our employees through the pursued goal of:

The main issues of our social impact are the concern for providing a safe working environment, monitoring our supply chains performance in the fields of human rights and the environment including their harmonious existence with local communities.

Human Rights

People are the driving force behind our business and operations. CWHI regards its employees as the cornerstone of corporate development and has always been committed to working with its employees to build a diverse and inclusive corporate culture.

We protect the legitimate rights and interests of our employees through the establishment of a fair and competitive salary and benefits system and focus on the long-term training of employees to further enable their development and promotion.


CWHI strictly adheres with the local Labor Law, Labor Contract Law, the Law on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases, Special Provisions on Labor Protection for Female Employees and other relevant laws and regulations. We have implemented a philosophy of equality, mutual trust and consultation to establish a legal employment relationship with each employee.

Additionally, CWHI has eliminated all inequality and discrimination caused by ethnicity, race, gender, age, family status and other factors, and protected the rights and benefits of female employees during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. We respect the customs and culture of ethnic minorities and ensure that employees of ethnic minority can enjoy their traditional festivals.

The Company has not engaged in violations of laws and regulations such as the employment of child and forced labor, employee, gender and/or occupational discrimination. Simultaneously, we have integrated recruitment with poverty alleviation, increasing the recruitment of college graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds and underrepresented groups.

Health & Safety Policy

The core elements of the policy are as follows:

  • People-oriented
  • Scientific Prevention and Control
  • Safeguarding Employee Well-being
  • Supply Chain

    CWHI continues to standardise supplier management to protect the legitimate rights and interests of suppliers. To this end, we have formulated relevant regulations and systems such as the Management Measures for Material Supply, Management Measures for Material Purchase and Management Measures for Material Purchase and Supply Resources, based on which, all suppliers formulated and implemented rules to adhere to and enhance the Company’s supply system.

    Epidemic Prevention and Control

    At the beginning of 2020 the onset and rapid spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) brought pain and challenges to the world. In order to fight the epidemic, the Company established an epidemic prevention and control team and a related system as soon as possible to comprehensively guarantee the health and safety of employees at home and abroad.

    Additionally, the Company adopted a scientific approach to ensure the safe resumption of work and production. The Company has demonstrated its corporate citizenship by actively participating on the front line of epidemic prevention and control and assisted the global fight against the epidemic by supporting the work of frontline medical staff with monetary and materials donations.