Safety and Well-being

Community Investment

CWHI actively fulfils its corporate social responsibility at home and abroad and pays particular attention to community development, enthusiastically participating in public welfare initiatives involving environmental protection, poverty alleviation, voluntary activities, and emergency rescue

Environmental Public Welfare

CWHI carries out public welfare activities in environmental protection by taking practical actions to protect the environment in order to facilitate the construction of a green and environmentally-friendly civilisation.

Community Public Welfare

We are dedicated to improving people’s livelihoods, actively carrying out initiatives surrounding poverty alleviation, volunteering, and emergency services. CWHI embraces empathy and the spirit of collaboration to work with others to build a more harmonious society.

Volunteer Activities

The Company insists on promoting voluntary activities to convey warmth, upholding high moral standards, and helping towards the construction of a civilised society with practical actions. For example, throughout the year we organise activities involving the elderly community and provide agricultural support via farm volunteering programs.